Undergraduate Courses

CS 188: Artificial Intelligence

CS 189: Machine Learning

EE 127: Convex Optimization

EE 126: Probability and Random Processes

CogSci 131: Computational Models of Cognition

EE106B/206B: Robotic Manipulation and Interaction

EE227C: Optimization for Modern Data Analysis

CS294-131 (DL): Special Topics in Deep Learning

CS294-127: Computational Imaging

VS265: Neural Computation

CS194-26: Image Manipulation and Computational Photography

CS294-005: Natural Language Processing Seminar

EECS 281A: Statistical machine learning

Graduate Courses

CS 280: Computer Vision

CS 281A / Stat 241A: Statistical Learning Theory

CS 281B / Stat 241B: Statistical Learning Theory

CS 287: Advanced Robotics

CS 288: Natural Language Processing

EE 227B: Convex Optimization

EE 227C: Optimization for Large Scale Data Analysis

CS 294-5: Natural Language Processing

CS 294-115: Algorithmic Human-Robot Interaction

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