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Overview and Blog Purpose

The BAIR Blog provides an accessible, general-audience medium for BAIR researchers to communicate research findings, perspectives on the field, and various updates. Posts are written by students, post-docs, and faculty in BAIR, and are intended to provide relevant and timely discussion of research findings and results, both to experts and the general audience. Posts on a variety of topics studied at BAIR will appear approximately once every two weeks.

BAIR Blog Editorial Board

The editorial board consists of the following members:

with faculty advisor Sergey Levine.

We gratefully acknowledge the contributions of former board members:

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Translating Posts

If you wish to translate our blog posts, please contact the authors of the posts, as they own the copyright, and copy the editorial board, in your email.

BAIR Blog Comments Policy

We ask community members to remain civil and only engage in academic, professional discussions that are relevant to the blog posts. Please also observe the following guidelines when participating and posting comments:

  • Etiquette - Be polite and stay on topic.
  • Expectations - Your comment will be removed if it contains malicious content.
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