Prof. Anca Dragan Talks About Human-Robot Interaction for WIRED

Prof. Anca Dragan gave a talk as part of the WIRED25 summit, explaining some of the challenges robots face when interacting with people. First, robots that share space with people, from autonomous cars to quadrotors to indoor mobile robots, need to anticipate what people plan on doing and make sure they can stay out of the way. This is already hard, because robots are not mind readers, and yet they need access to a rough simulator of us, humans, that they can use to help them decide how to act. The bar gets raised when it’s crowded, because then robots have to also understand how they can influence the actions that people take, like getting another driver to slow down and make space for a merging autonomous car. And what if the person decides to accelerate instead? Find out about the ways in which robots can negotiate these situations in the video below.

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